Mako: A Tribute to a Fine Actor


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Here is a list of links that helped me create this site. If you come across a broken link, please let me know. Also, please tell me if there are any sites I may have missed, and I will add them to this page!

Recent Projects:

Official site for Samurai Jack

Interview with the creater of the series "Samurai Jack"

Touchstone Pictures' "Pearl Harbor" - Official Web Site

Pearl Harbor

- click on my Pearl Harbor page for lots more links relating to both the movie & the actual event.

Biographical Information:

Mako's profile at International Movie Data Base

Brief bio. on

Other Information:

Pacific Overatures - Cast, Production Info. & more

East West Players Home Page

Biography of Mako's father: Taro Yashima

Read about the radio production of Wizard of Oz that Mako was a part of


The Sondheim Review: Actors remember Pacific Overtures

The Minami-Nippon Shimbun: Talk on California & Kagoshima


The Internet Movie Database - complete filmography

Yahoo Movies - read about or purchase Mako's films's list of movies w/ synopsis & for purchase

Singular Movie Sites

The Sand Pebbles Fan Site - tons of information

Talk To Taka Website made by the screenwriter/director of the film

TV Credits

Find out what Mako movies are on tv this week

Epiguides - partial list of Mako's tv appearances w/ descriptions

TV Tome - lists tv episodes Mako's appeared in; some with descriptions